Using BabySafe Adjustable Child Safety Locks to protect your kids at home


Keeping children safe in all situations is what matters most to many parents. You ensure that harmful objects are kept out of the reach of your kids. You also ensure that your surrounding is cleaned up and free from dangerous objects and debris. You also ensure that they place safely with other children, but you haven't thought about the safety of your kids with doorknobs, drawers and cabinets. Most adults do not know that even the door handles can also be appealing to children, but it can be.

A high percentage of child deaths and injuries occur in homes every year. Most of these could have been avoided by taking some simple steps and using BabySafe Adjustable Child Safety Locks to secure your home.

The most accessible place to store household cleaners such as detergents and bleach is under the bathroom or kitchen sink, but you'll have a more secure place to store these necessary hazardous materials. Children love to play in cabinets and closets, especially the ones within their height. Children are very curious, so these aerosols and bleach bottles seem like a new toy to play with or a nice drink to taste. A high percentage of poisoning occur at homes, and more than 53 percent involve children under the age of 6. Keep these household cleaners in places that will be difficult for the child to reach. Another option is a Child proof cabinet locks on low cabinets where you keep your cleaning products.

Young children enjoy climbing high areas especially if it looks like a ladder. It is crucial for bookshelves, cabinets, and entertainment centers to be fixed with brackets which are screwed to studs of the walls. Furniture Safety Locks are cheap, easy to install and can easily be found in many hardware stores. Make sure blind cords and curtains are out of reach to your kids. These cords are particularly enticing to small children and have a high risk of choking and suffocation accidents.

When babies have grown to the stage of toddling, you should look out for sharp edges. Their body system is not quite developed, and so they fall often. Sharp corners of furniture can cause head injuries to these kids, and it can easily be avoided if you cover such area with a corner cushion.

Another problem that often occur around this time is getting their fingers or toes trapped under doors. They have a bad habit of clinging to door frames without realizing the dangers of clinging to the side of the hinge. Fortunately, there is a range of Baby locks and stoppers that can prevent such incident.

Lastly, the freezer or fridge at home can be a problem as well. Kids would love to play around the refrigerator, and they may go as far as entering inside to stay. And you know that it’s difficult for a young child to enter a freezer and come out quickly. To avoid this, the Fridge lock can also be useful to this problem. Drawer locks of different sizes are also available for drawers.

In conclusion, BabySafe Child Safety Locks come in many varieties and are usually relatively cheap. They can be just as important as the car seat for your child and should not be overlooked. You will not regret taking the time to purchase these safety locks from our Store